March 2023-Present, Producer and Narrative Designer at Trotzkind

Currently working on a new VR project!

February 2021-February 2023, Project Manager in Content Operations at Inkitt (Galatea)

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Create and maintain the release schedule and publishing roadmap for all content.
  • Collaborate with IP partners to develop expanded literary ‘universes’.
  • Craft weekly themed content and messaging to entice users. 
  • Manage a multi-discipline team of developers, designers, and editors.
  • Communicate with existing external stakeholders, clients, and authors.
  • Responsible for project resource allocation and the managing of project budgets.
  • Weekly reports on project finances and status to Head of Operations and Content.
  • Collaborate with data science to analyse user metrics, drop-off rates, and customer purchase habits.
  • Work with the project team to address issues with audience retention, engagement, and activation.

February 2020-February 2021, Script Writer at Inkitt (Galatea)

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Create an arcing narrative map, pitching ideas, and tracking sequences.
  • Write story ‘bibles’ detailing characters, lore, and locations featured in the narratives.
  • Contribute to the Story Intelligence team, analysing reader data and AB testing rewritten content.
  • Provide feedback in editing rounds and make weekly reports to internal stakeholders.
  • Assist with marketing slogans and social media posting/interaction to draw users in to the app.

April 2019-Present, Landscape & Lore Writer for Brightdog Games (Tales of Esgar)

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Stick to a pre-established tone set and develop characters, locations, and quests.
  • Implement story elements from writers on different assignments, threading events through the world.
  • Collaborate with the Art team to create a unified style based on my writing and the Creative Director’s vision.
  • My writing was highlighted and chosen to be the first available ‘module’ for the series.

May 2018-November 2018, Writer/Script Editor for Spil Games (Story Beats)

  • Develop a clear work funnel of content creation from conception to publication.
  • Track the choices in each story, allowing for complex narratives and a unique reader experience.
  • Plot out calendar-specific events and sequences to keep players engaged.
  • Collaborate with different teams, being the communication lead between the Game Design and Art departments.
  • Host meetings between the Content and Marketing and Publishing to ensure consistency in branding.
  • Lead QA Testing cycles to make sure the script is correct and present in-app.

2016-Present, Self published video and board games