February 2021-Present, Project Manager in Content Operations at Inkitt (Galatea)

  • Promotion: Personally chosen by the CO Manager and Company Co-Founder to help develop and grow the Content Operations team of the immersive story app Galatea.
  • On the CO Team my duties include selecting and publishing stories, creating designs and covers, dealing with affiliate authors, and launching tests.
  • I have become adept at using high-skill applications such as Photoshop, Redash, and JIRA.
  • I work in a close-knit team, co-ordinating with different departments as well as working independently to create A/B tests for the app.
  • I analyse data quickly and effectively to improve the user experience as well as increase revenue for the company, adapting tests to better customer engagement.
  • These tests were both assigned to me and devised by myself.

February 2020-February 2021, Script Writer at Inkitt (Galatea)

  • I was a member of the writing team at Inkitt, working on the blockbuster stories on the Galatea app.
  • I have worked on several best-selling titles, reworking old scripts or creating new seasons from scratch.
  • I learnt how to analyse data effectively, leading to data-driven decisions in my writing and increasing revenue for the company.
  • I was also required to perform numerous test pieces for different stories, increasing their engagement and revenue streams.
  • My tests repeatedly pushed new stories into the ‘Blockbuster’ category, meaning they earned over $10,000 in sales.
  • During planning and storyboarding for new seasons and rewrites, I took on a leadership role, delegating tasks and deciding the direction of the story.

April 2019-Present, Landscape & Lore Writer for Brightdog Games

  • I am a Landscape and Lore Writer for the Tales of Esgar, a ‘5th edition’ fantasy SRD campaign created by Brightdog Games, a tabletop roleplaying game company.
  • My tasks include developing the history, characters, culture, locations, and missions for the setting of Hitherion, the fantasy land of the game.
  • I lease with the producer, art team, and sound designers to synchronise the lore and writing with the rest of the game, giving notes to the other departments to develop the look and sound of the game.

May 2018-November 2018, Writer/Script Editor for Spil Games

  • I worked as a member of the writing team for Story Beats, a choose-your-own-adventure free-to-play game book featuring several different stories and themes.
  • Tasks I performed included scriptwriting, editing, and proofreading. I worked on copy for HUD, UI, and app store listings.
  • I was the main point of contact between the writing teams and the Art and Design departments. I was instrumental in maintaining a singular vision between the three branches.
  • I also maintained the “Writers’ Room”, the online resource used to house all documents relating to the different projects.
  • I was called upon several times to rewrite copy to tight deadlines and new requests, referencing game data and the in-game economy. My rewrites had a positive effect and increased the retention rate for the app.

2016-Present, Self published video and board games

  • I have created created several games as an individual. These cover a wide range of genres such as romance, mystery, puzzle, and a two-player fighting game.
  • For these game I have created game manual and tutorial descriptions, adapting my writing for each release.
  • In 2020, my game Motherland was awarded 3rd place in the Text-Based Jam.
  • Collectively, these games and stories have had over one thousand unique players/readers.
  • These can be found on itch.io and textadventures.co.uk.