Story Beats (Game)

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My Role

  • I was a Script Editor and Writer for Story Beats, a narrative-driven mobile game by Spil Games.
  • I worked on stories such as Hope M.D., #BeautyUnmaskedOperate Now: Burning DesireBlackoutQueen Of Hearts and Instant Fame.
  • I worked from the conception to the publication of the project. My main tasks were to write, edit, and format narrative scripts.
  • I also created chapter and book breakdowns and created and maintained location/character sheets.
  • I worked both as an individual and as part of a team in a writers room setting. I wrote my own original scripts as well as working from a previous writer’s work.
  • Links to the game on the App Store and Google Play.

“Choose your own path while you enjoy breathtaking storylines. Every choice you make will matter. Dive into immersive visual stories that mix together romance, adventure, and drama. But choose wisely! Your decisions will change the course of each one of these thrilling tales!”