Negotiari (Game)

Negotiari Redux Finished Switch

My Role

  • I wrote the script for Negotiari, a contemporary thriller game.
  • I developed the narrative with 40 different choices and over 20 different endings with gameplay noticeably affecting each ending.
  • I used Excel to track the different dialogue choices and narrative.
  • Link to the game on

“Terrorists have assaulted a local embassy and taken hostages, threatening to kill them if their demands aren’t met. You play as the newly appointed Hostage Negotiator called in to end the crisis. Talk to the terrorists, save the hostages, and defuse the situation. Be careful, what you say might have dire consequences…

…Do you rate the well-being of the terrorists above the hostages in order to keep them calm? Do you believe a hostage should die in order to catch a terrorist alive? And is lethal force the only way to solve the crisis? With 40 choices and over 20 different endings, which one is the “right” one? You decide.”

Negotiari Map
Example of the dialogue branch used in Negotiari.

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