Heroes And Monsters: Perseus And Medusa (Game)



My Role

  • I wrote the script for Perseus and Medusa, the third game in the Heroes and Monsters series.
  • I conducted research on Ancient Greece, to add in an educational aspect to the game.
  • I worked within a pre-set narrative and adapted it to gameplay.
  • Link to the game.


“Travel back to the time of Ancient Greece and experience one of the greatest myths ever told, Perseus and Medusa.

Play as noble prince Perseus, as he must track down the monstrous Gorgon Medusa and kill her, otherwise his mother shall be enslaved to an evil king! Call upon the gods, survive against the harsh elements and travel across the beautiful vistas of Ancient Greece, before finally facing off against the monster in Medusa’s Lair!

As you make your way though this thrilling tale, you’ll learn about the history, culture and mythology of Ancient Greece.”


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